Peli Kapı

We are manufacturing new generation doors, combining technology with handicraft and art.


Peli Kapı doors, while creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in living quarters, they are succeeding to survive like an evergreen, living element  in the setting, with their natural texture. The collection is offering you an opportunity to feel the appearance on its surface when you touch.  At the same time, making the radiance and the dullness, in other words contrast dominant over the living space. You can bring in the rhythm of the rain,  silence of the snow, sound of the autumn leaves, elegancy of the luxury, dynamism of the youth into your spaces through the most natural stance of the wood in these designs.

Peli Decorative Doors, which will change your understanding of interior doors, consists of 3 private collections.
Scandinavian Style

“ELEMA”, meaning “Life” in Finland, one of the Scandinavian countries, encourages us to travel in the Scandinavian region and to find unique door designs for our indoor spaces. In this journey, combination of wood in pale and soft colours in the style, where modern and minimal properties being fused together with natural elements for our indoor spaces attracts the attention. We are inspired by the “Lumberjack” theme decoration perception of the cold countries in these designs prepared by setting off from the country rustic and minimal decoration philosophy. Handicrafts and emotions added to these designs combined with modern lines will give you the feeling of them being familiar and well-known but at the same time the most modern projections.

Dynamic Style

Exquisite and elegant designs are making modernism experienced together with sobriety and cosiness possible by attuning with the momentum of the city. The lines in the designs are offering the living spaces with liveable modernism by combining the vitality added to the life by dynamism with the objects within the space by fusing them altogether with uplifting warmth.

Prismatic Style

Prismatic is adapting the designs of a new generation to your life style. These are the ideal designs for visual tranquillity, freeing yourself from your anxieties and for springing to life in your living quarters. Combination of design with wood is allowing you to experience and sustain the present and future trends without wearing out.