Gün Işığına Dayanıklı

Sunlight Resistant

Lekelerden Etkilenmez

Unaffected By Stain

Noktasal Darbelere Daynıklıdır

Impact Resistant Point Is

Çizilmeye Dayanıklıdır

Scratch Resistant

Kolay Temizlenir Hijyeniktir

Easy To Clean Hygienic

Yerden Isıtmaya Uygundur

Suitable For Underefloor Heating

Sigara Ateşine Dayanıklıdır

Resistant To Cigarette Burns

Mobilya Ayklarına Dayanıklıdır

Resistant To Well Chair

Surface Details


Peli parquet, with its ground breaking, bold, entrepreneuring approach, gained an undisputable, important place among the prestigious leading companies of the sector in Turkey.

Our company, continually renewing itself, acting with the principle of offering diversified products, is a close follower of change and development in the world.

Our company has a good reputation both in Turkey and in international marketplace with its services and quality certificates, which are the products of this mission.

Our objective is to provide the best quality and right service, and to become the prominent, reliable face of the sector.