Gün Işığına Dayanıklı

Sunlight Resistant

Lekelerden Etkilenmez

Unaffected By Stain

Noktasal Darbelere Daynıklıdır

Impact Resistant Point Is

Çizilmeye Dayanıklıdır

Scratch Resistant

Kolay Temizlenir Hijyeniktir

Easy To Clean Hygienic

Yerden Isıtmaya Uygundur

Suitable For Underefloor Heating

Sigara Ateşine Dayanıklıdır

Resistant To Cigarette Burns

Mobilya Ayklarına Dayanıklıdır

Resistant To Well Chair

Surface Details

Delle Laminate Parquet

Getting rid of the rhythm of our lives that imprisons us, we want to make changes in our living spaces. However, first the complexity and then time limit and high costs stop us. Peli’s Alberra collection for decorative solutions makes the needed vital transformation removing time and cost problem. Your life suddenly changes with Peli’s magical touch.