Yapı-TurkeyBuild / Istanbul

Yapı-TurkeyBuild / Istanbul

Peli Parke was highly acclaimed at Yapı-TurkeyBuild, Istanbul fair with its latest collections and ambitious stand.

Peli Parke, participating in Yapı-TurkeyBuild, Istanbul fair, which has been organized since 1978 and bringing the industry professionals together, presented its Loft Collection and the newly produced Peli Decorative Doors Peli DK to the tastes of end consumers at the fair.

Peli Parke, one of the companies of Vezirköprü Forestry Products Group, which has participated in Yapı-TurkeyBuild, Istanbul fair held at TUYAP Congress Centre between 23-27 May 2017, brought its latest products and services together with the sector professionals.

Peli Parke Marketing Manager Mehmet Karahasanoğlu, indicating that their participation in the fair, which is called as the Summit of Building Materials and Technologies, being important in terms of prestige, said: “the exhibition this year was very different from our point of view with our new architectural concept, new stand and stand design”.

Karahasanoğlu, expressing that they considered the fair productive, said: “generally we won the approval of the visitors. They say that our presentation was successful”. Karahasanoğlu, stating that they brought especially two new product group into the forefront in this year’s fair, said ‘’One of them is our Peli DK doors, which we have just started to produce, and the other is our Loft Collection in parquet. Our primary goal in producing doors is to integrate parquet and door surfaces and also to make the skirting boards used in the spaces in the same model as the door cases.  The designs of our new doors are made by Adnan Serbest. Mr. Adnan Serbest has created a very special series for us.   We have concentrated on two different materials in these designs. Biri Melamin yüzeyli kapılar. One is Melamine surface doors and the other is lacquer doors. The greatest features of these doors are their scratch resistance, easy cleaning and a bright, shiny surface. Kasa, pervaz ve kapı yüzeyinin aynı dokuda olmasına dikkat ettik. We have taken care that the door case, trim and surface to be the same. Kapı yuvasında kullandığımız fitil kapının sessiz olmasını sağlıyor. The weatherstrip we used in the door grooves ensures the doors to be silent.  Kilit te farklı bir sistem kullandık. We have used a different system in the locks. Kale'nin yeni ürettiği (sessiz kilit) bu sayede kapı açılıp kapandığında ses çıkmıyor. The lock  produced recently by Kale (silent lock) ensures that there is no sound when the door is opened and closed. Diğer kapılarımızda şu anda çok popüler olan lake kapılar. Our other doors are also lacquer doors that are very popular right now. Bu tarzda sektöre çeşitli alternatifler sunduk'' diye konuştu. In this way, We offered various Alternatives to the sector".

Karahasanoğlu, adding that their latest product in parquet being the Loft Collection, said: ‘This collection consists of 8 different tones and colours. The characteristic is that we reflected the texture of Oak and Chestnut in the same way on the surface. Thus, Loft Collection has become a product competing with laminate.  The collection is also offering benefit to the user in terms of price advantage and long life. Ben Loft'un Avrupa standartlarında bir ürün olduğuna inanıyorum'' diye belirtti. I believe Loft is a product of European standards". Karahasanoğlu, indicating that this became a fair where they also introduced other collections besides these products, said: ‘’We also included 2 products of Pelit Arslan Group. One is Peli digital wallpapers, the other is Peli digital table tops. We impregnated our dealers the idea of working in a broader range by introducing both new products”.

The fair visited by over 100 thousand people from 105 countries also hosted many panels and activities involving the building sector.