Domotex Trade Fair / Germany

Domotex Trade Fair / Germany

Peli Parke introduced its latest collections at the world’s most prestigious flooring fair Domotex.

The "Domotex Carpet and Floor Coverings Fair", organized every year in Hannover, Germany, the most important trade fair in the world, was organized between 14-17 January 2017. Peli Parke brought its innovative products and industry professionals together at the fair participated by 1409 exhibitors from 60 countries.

1409 exhibitors from 60 countries participated in the world's number one Carpet and Floor Coverings Fair held in the Hanover city of Germany, which is held in the biggest exhibition space of ​​the world.

Peli Parke, one of the companies regularly participating and representing Turkey every year in “Domotex Carpet and Floor Coverings Fair”, which is the meeting point of the latest trends and innovations and the professionals, which is held between 14-17 January 2017, has taken its place with its Vintage, Golden, Wood, Comfort and Elegance collections highlighted at the fair.

Vezirköprü Marketing and Product Development Manager Mehmet Karahasanoğlu said: "There were many participants from 60 countries, mainly from Belgium, Germany, Holland, India, Iran and China.  90 percent of the participating companies were company owners and managers. Participants being mainly company managers and company owners was very beneficial for us in terms of improving our business relationships and expanding our market. The fair and our stand have drawn more attention compared to the previous year. We have expanded our portfolio further thanks to the participation in the fair. We started to work with countries like Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Macedonia and Iran. We also established new relations with the countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan”.

Karahasanoğlu, indicating that Turkey has been standing on par with Europe in the field of laminate parquet in recent years, said: “we have doubled our production with new investments in the production facilities over the past three years. we aim to increase production capacity to 20 million square meters by the end of 2017. And it is important for us to participate in such fairs for the sake of expanding our foreign markets in export and becoming a global brand abroad”.