Peli Kapı Launch

Peli Kapı Launch

Peli Parquet opened a new ''Door'' in the Sector "PELİ KAPI"


PELİ KAPI Decorative Door has launched its new production of door products in Antalya between 13-16 May.  The product launching participated by Peli Parke's existing dealers and potential dealers and business partners, Turanlar Group's top management and Peli Parke employees is held in Turan Prince Hotel.  PELİ KAPI products were introduced in a 1.500 m2 tent specially designed for this launch.


Peli Parke, which has existed for many years in the parquet sector, has started door production by opening a new concept in its product range.  Believing that the production of the doors that they see as the most important complement of their own products should be realized with their own design-quality concept, Peli Parke has decided to produce doors also with this perception.


Having created 3 different concepts in the Door Collection, Peli Parke has been able to address different approaches while also increasing the combination possibilities of its products.  In the collection, the decorative doors, which are the front-end of the concept of East-Nature-Naturality, were introduced in the name of Scandinavian Style, Dynamic Style, Prismatic Style.  Each of these doors has another story.


While the doors taking their name from the Scandinavian culture create a warm, intimate atmosphere in living spaces, they succeed to survive in the atmosphere as an evergreen, living element with their natural texture.  The collection also allows you to feel the surface appearance when you touch it.  At the same time, it allows brilliance and dullness, that is, contrast to dominate the space.


In these designs, you can bring the rhythm of rain, the silence of the snow, the voice of the autumn leaves, the elegance of luxury, the dynamism of youth into your spaces, in the most natural state of the wood.


You see the modern, minimalist features combine with natural products during the life journey through the doors called 'ELEMA', which means 'life' in the Finnish language.  You notice the harmony of light and soft colors with the wood.  Cold country's "timberman" concept decoration sense is dominant in these designs prepared by setting off from the country rustic and minimal decoration approach.


The DYNAMIC doors in the collection stand out with their elite and elegant designs.  Adaptive to the speed of the city, Dynamic Doors are making it possible to experience the modernism, seriousness and sincerity in spaces.  The lines in the design are offering modernism and warmth together by combining the power of living added to life by dynamism with the objects in the space.


Visual serenity remains also at the forefront in the series called PRISMATIC, which describes the design of the new generation.  The combination of design with wood allows you to experience and have the trends of the present and the past experienced together without wearing out.


During the first 2 days of the 4-day meeting organized by Peli Parke at Turan Prince Hotels in Antalya, comprehensive trainings were given to the dealers.  Following the trainings, Peli Parke's newly produced decorative doors were launched.  Product launch, which is attended by dealers from the four corners of Turkey attracted great interest. Vatan Şaşmaz assumed the presentation of Gala Night, which was held after the launch.  Funda Arar, who took the stage in the evening, added color to the night with her songs.


 A very special lottery was held at the Gala Night.  The biggest prize of the lottery was three cars.  Peli Parke's three lucky dealers got their prizes.  Different gifts were also distributed to the participating dealers.  There were exciting beautiful moments are experienced during gift distribution.